What is Mineable?

Mineable is a web3 ecosystem with advanced tokenomics at its core, Mineable enables its users to earn passive block rewards with no prior cryptocurrency mining experience, no hardware, no power usage and no limitations.

Users purchase & deploy NFT GPUs and are rewarded with MNB each time a block is mined, rewards are calculated on a network share basis. MNB is Mineable's native token and is used to upgrade & expand operations or sold for a potential profit.

Mineable’s vision is to make mining accessible to everyone with no barriers to entry & combat the atmospheric damage inflicted by hardware operations.

How we profit

  • The platform was created as a virtual mining ecosystem that is accessible to all, and profitable for all.
  • A small percentage of transactional fees is taken from marketplace transactions, operational costs, upgrades, and token swaps.

Our commitment
to carbon offsetting

  • Mineable is the world's first mining ecosystem with no excessive power draw resulting in no negative atmospheric impact.
  • Mineable is partnering with Nori to remove carbon from the atmosphere and help undo the damage caused by hardware miners.
Mineable app

Passive earnings

GPUs are continuously mining MNB passively and MNB can be swapped for other currencies using the in-app wallet. Users can buy multiple GPUs for even more earning potential.

Zero hardware

Users do not need costly mining rigs or a background in crypto to get started. Virtual GPUs can be bought in the Mineable platform and are active in minutes.

Zero limitations

Start mining cryptocurrency without the limitations of leasing land or mastering high voltage electrics; there's no air quality or temperature regulation to worry about.

The token

MNB coin is used for all Mineable transactions


Utility token

1.5 billion

Total Supply

1.25 billion

Mineable supply


Initial block reward

10 minutes

Block frequency

Token Burning

Tokens are burned for various transactions thus keeping a balanced economy.

Power costs
Determined by the GPUs efficiency attribute and charged on a 'per block' basis.
Durability upgrade
A 2 roll system where MNB is burned to upgrade GPU durability to substantially reduce repair costs.
Repair costs
Three days’ worth of MNB earnings for a GPU is burned at an interval determined by GPU durability.
Efficiency upgrade
A 2 roll system where MNB is burned to upgrade GPU efficiency to substantially reduce power costs.

How it works


Mineable marketplace

Buy initial platform GPUs directly using ETH these funds shall provide token liquidity


Peer to peer marketplace

Buy or sell standard or upgraded GPUs from/to members of the platform using MNB


1.5 billion

Maximum total supply of MNB

Mineable supply
1.25 billion
Ecosystem treasury
100 million
75 million
60 million
15 million
Mineable supply
1.25 billion
Ecosystem treasury
100 million
Private sale
75 million
60 million
15 million

Our Roadmap

Q1 2022

A seed of an idea formed into the head of a ‘soon to be founder’

Q2 2022

Initial logic is written, systems are visiualzed & development begins.

Q3 2022

Economy balancing system logic added such as dynamic block rewards.

Q4 2022

Alpha & Beta tests started and concluded.

Q1 2023

Mineable application launch along with Uniswap LP.

Q2 2023

Platform economy assessment & listing on larger exchanges.

Q3 2023

Development on the Mineable launchpad begins.

Q4 2023

Mineiac project goes live: focus on organizational setup and website redevelopment. Dedicated teams are assigned with defined roles, conducting an analysis of the existing website and creating a new development roadmap.

Q1 2024

Roadmap and website redevelopment. Redeploy of the iOS Mineable App. New exchanges / partnerships with Web3Dubai and RYI Unity. Implementation of the Learning Chamber.

Q2 2024

Commencing the development of the Mineable Launchpad, a system that enables great projects to generate huge exposure. Introducing a new crypto-mining mode. Establishing partnerships with external companies.

Q3 2024

Hosting a Learning Chamber, introducing Mineiac Jr to unlock crypto education. Development of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Q4 2024

Enhancements of Apps functionalities. Interlinking the Learning Chamber event with Mineiac Jr.